We started in 1933, as a small family-owned business. From the very beginning we have dedicated ourselves to the selection, storage, packaging and wholesale distribution of the best pulses grown in Castile-and-León. Those were lentils and chick-peas: local ecotypes cultivated in the neighboring areas. In the past eight decades we have successfully passed down our ancestors´ knowledge and invaluable practical experience through three generations. We have inherited the best from our fathers and grandfathers and today we are proud we can offer you our top quality legumes. Our vast experience in the dried pulses sector, the employment of the latest technological developments in the industry of selection, cleaning and packaging together with our strict quality controls have made us one of the most recognized and respected companies in the Spanish pulses sector.

Since 2002 our packaging plant bears the name of HIJO de MACARIO MARCOS, S.L. During all these years our greatest achievement has been our clients´ satisfaction, while our major merits: hard work, continuous development and strong commitment to improvement.

Outstanding quality, personalized treatment of each client, competent and responsible personnel and advanced technologies used in all processes, considerably distinguish our company from other legume manufacturers. Today we have customers in many countries of the world and, of course, in all parts of Spain.