Geographical location

Our company is located in La Velles, the capital of the La Armuña district, the province of Salamanca. La Armuña is known in Spain and internationally as the cradle of the best lentils, recognized as such in the whole world. Our lentils are distinguished by the Protected Geographical Origin; their production and sales are supervised by the corresponding Regulating Council. We market this product under our brand “Las Charras”.

Our packaging plant is situated 2 km from the Pedrosillo el Ralo, the village whose name was given to the famous Perdosillo chick-pea, the variety cultivated in this area. The Pedrosillo chick-pea is today patronized by the Regulating Council GARBANZO DE PEDROSILLO, which guarantees its quality and unique origin. We market this product under our brand “Las Charras”.

The village Fuentesaúco, in the province of Zamora, is situated to the north from Salamanca, 15 Km from the La Vellés. From this small locality originate the world´s famous Fuentesaúco chick-peas, also protected by the corresponding Regulating Council, which guarantees the local ecotype of this chick-pea. We distribute this product under our brand “Las Charras”.

Not far from our district, at a distance of 100 Km there lay the areas where Pardina lentils de Tierra de Campos, beans from La Bañeza, Barco de Ávila and Judión de La Granja are cultivated.

Our privileged geographical location allows us to work in close contact with farmers and to deliver our customers the world´s finest legumes directly from the field.