Our beginnings took place in 1933 in La Vellés, the capital of La Armuña district, Salamanca region. First we built a small storehouse and started commercializing only those legumes that were cultivated in the Castile-and-León region. In those distant days we worked with La Armuña lentils, Fuentesaúco chick-peas and Pedrosillano chick-peas.
Today these three legume varieties are covered by a Protected Geographical Indication, which proves they originate from a certain geographical area and thus possess qualities different from the same species grown in other regions. Regulatory Councils of the La Armuña lentils, Fuentesaúco chick-peas and Pedrosillo chick-peas, to which we belong, protect and control the quality and the true origin of these products.

As years were passing, we were gradually expanding our business, offering our customers larger assortment of pulses: Pardina lentils from Tierra de Campos, beans from Barco de Ávila and La Bañeza, White butter beans de la Granja, beans from Tolosa, large white beans from Lorenzana, Fabe Asturiana and other infinite varieties of the finest products of our land.

In 2002 we included three types of rice from Murcia and Valencia (southern Spanish regions). We only offer the best rice to our clients; like other products it is classified as EXTRA. Strict quality control is carried out by the company personnel – an essential feature that always characterized our work.

Since 1933 we have expanded considerably and now we are working both with national and imported pulses. At present we continue enriching our product line with other types of legumes, required by our customers, such as: Soya beans, Fava Beans from Aragon, Garrafón (butter beans), Lupin beans, White Vetch or Guijas, green and yellow peas, peeled pulses, etc.

Today, almost eighty years later, our Company is one of the leading industries in the dried pulses wholesale and retail sector.