Quality control

Compromiso de calidad

Since the very beginning we have always paid special attention to quality, offering only the BEST products to our clients. We are working hard to ensure that our main task is accomplished, that is: total and complete customer satisfaction. Besides, our ambitious target is to overcome the strict rules of quality control we had set for ourselves years ago.

These rigorous quality controls cover all processes of pulses production: from the harvest time till they are ready for final consumption.

Since it has been established in 1933 as a norm, we only work with extra quality legumes. Always aiming to understand and satisfy our client´s needs and to meet the today´s market high demands, we have developed the following product lines:

  • Las Charras: Pulses covered by the Protected Geographical Indication (never sold in bulk).
  • La Salmantina Extra Quality: Only Extra quality legumes.
  • La Salmantina Gourmet: Best quality legumes in cloth bags.
  • Delicias del Campo (Delights from the Field): Wide variety of pulses and rice.